A day with Johnson and Johnson and BabyChakra

India is a country of traditions, bonding and loyalty. Since times immemorial, we have celebrated our family culture and the strong connection within. Many of our habits and things have been passed on to us from the generations within our family – our grandparents, our parents then to us. Since childhood itself, some things are intrinsic to our homes. Johnson and Johnson is just one such name we are fiercely loyal to and which is common to almost ninety percent of the Indian babies.

Since the time I remember, whenever there was any new addition to the family, the first question was “Johnson powder laya kya”. So much so that, we rarely thought of babies and the Johnson and Johnson (JnJ) separately. I often wished to meet the makers of these products I loved so much. Till now, the makers of this hugely popular products were alien to me. But thanks to BabyChakra and their collaboration with the JnJ, I was thrilled to be a part of the Best for Baby event organized in Pune.

BabyChakra is the leading parenting and mother’s platform which has achieved huge success in a short time with their hard work and dedication. JnJ is one of their major collaborators. So it was a delight for me to attend the Best for Baby event when I got the invitation. Of course, when I came to know that it included many of my dear blogger friends, it was even more exciting.

Recently, we all had also read a lot about the JnJ losing a case in the US and that its products contained cancer producing elements. So I was also expecting to get clarifications on a couple of questions which were formed in my mind.

The event started well on time and it was an extremely cheerful environment full of enthusiastic mothers and children. The ambience was beautiful and they had made sure that it was children friendly. The staff from BabyChakra was very friendly and to add to it, we were asked to freely use our phones. No restrictions no rules, just fun.

We were shown a couple of informative videos which explained the journey of BabyChakra and the humungous work they are doing. The host Deepali was the ideal enthusiastic, jolly and bubbly woman who made sure we all were involved in the program. All of us moms were divided into group of five and we had to do couple of activities together. In one of the games, we were asked to squeeze the liquid from a wipe into a test tube while in another, we had to actually wash some clothes in a bowl. We all felt like children once again and enjoyed the activities to the fullest. Not just this, but after the activities, we also learnt how JnJ takes high level of care to develop and produce their products.

Later Deepali explained, how due to absolutely false reporting in the media, there were some misconceptions regarding Johnson and Johnson and how the safety, trust and happiness of the customers is the highest priority for the brand. I agreed with her completely, because her statements were not just convincing but they also had a detail research and proofs to support her claims.

We were happy to know that the good, old, dear brand of our childhood has not yet changed and we would be able to use all the products happily. The entire range of new baby products recently launched was also highly useful.

All and all, it was a great event and at the end of it, I was fully satisfied and happy. I would recommend all the other mothers to go ahead and use the JnJ products freely. Also, please go through the below links to know more about the new range from Johnson and Johnson and also know about BabyChakra.






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