15 of the most irritating and stupid Indian traits which only Indians can understand.

We Indians are a unique breed. We have achieved the highest levels of success/money and fame all over the world. But we just cant get over some of our quintessential Indian eccentricities. So even if we are in the best of the malls or hotels, we like to splash our desi traits irrespective of the fact that it might be considered as uncivilized or even gross sometimes. But we don’t give a damn and we carry on. I don’t think its bad at all. Its what makes us Indians. But thinking from a third perspective, this might look a little irritating. Below are some of the most illogical and annoying Indian behaviors which only we Indians can do. Enjoy !!!

Note: No offense towards any person living or dead. This is written just for humor.

  1. Ask for free curry leaves and coriander to vegetable seller
    We are always looking for some cheap and free “maal”.
  2. Take pics and selfies in the changing room of the malls
    We cant afford it so we take a selfie and show off in front of our friends.
  3. Keeping the toilet seat wet. In fact splashing water everywhere on the seat once used.
    Bhai sahab, aapke baad bhi koi toilet use karne wala hai.
  4. Leaving left over curry leaves, chicken bones, chilies, peanuts and similar “unchewable” things in the plate after meal.
    Whether it is poha, biryani, chicken – we leave them in the plate and don’t throw in the dustbins. Bechari maids or the women of the house have to clean it later.
  5. Pouring used chai patti in the kitchen sink
    Hey Ram !!! Don’t complain about the cockroaches later.
  6. Breaking the traffic signal, using the footpath to avoid the traffic, arguing with the cops if caught
    This is called as the Indian Jugad. And surprisingly the cops agree in just 100 bucks.
  7. Using office as an unofficial internet café
    We work less and surf more. And we will not accept this publicly.
  8. Asking the waiter to pack the left over curry / pizza pieces and eat the same the next morning
    Hum puraa paisa vasool karte hai. Especially if it’s a five star hotel.
  9. Address the lecturers/professors with first names but call the senior students as “Sir” and “Madam”.
    This might be a quintessential engineering trait.
  10. Take food home from a “durga mandap” or “ganpati bhandara” for the “elders”
    Elders ?? What rubbish excuse. We are the biggest bhukkads. We are always looking for opportunities to get some “fokat ka khana”
  11. Don’t leave a tip but empty the bowl of “saunf” into your purse.
    We think its our birth right. If the waiter looks disgustingly at us – we flash our best smiles and give him a royal ignore.
  12. Use Nails/hooks to hang the shirts/trousers/t-shirts and TOWELS ?????
    Really. Money cant buy etiquette.
  13. This is especially true for the “Bharatiya Naari” – Wear salwar kurta and then wear socks and then wear floaters over the socks. And trot like a diva on the roads.
    Money also can’t buy class. Sigh !!
  14. This is especially true for the “Bharatiya Mard” – Fart, burp, scratch his private parts in any public place – even in the air conditioned congested conference rooms. Sometimes even gargle loudly in hotels.
    90 percent of the men reading this still don’t think it as anything wrong. 100 percent of the women reading this agree with me. Bet ???
  15. Ask for complimentary peanuts/shev/chakli as a “chakana” even if the five star restaurant has served the best chicken tikka as a starter.
    Yes. We are Indians and we can be cheap sometimes.

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