Gulzar Poetic Masterpieces 2 सरहद पर कल रात सुना है कुछ ख्वाबों का खून हुआ हैं ||


or Sampooran Singh Kalra was born in Dina in Jhelum district in British India now in Pakistan. His family migrated to Delhi during partition when he was just 13 years old. And like countless others, he too experienced the agony and grief of abruptly getting uprooted from his origins. His life in his young age was not a happy one at all – when he had to stop his studies, when he had to work in a garage and support his family. His father was against his becoming a writer and he had to go through phases of conflicts, silences and struggles to come into his own.

Guess he overcame some of his earlier sorrows. However, the pain of separation from his birthplace – the place where he spent his childhood kept on lurking through his poems often. He has written extensively about the partition – about the hatred, the deaths, the loss, the emotional turmoil and the vanity of it all. In one of his interviews he had also said that he would not like to visit Dina because he “loves the images of his hometown and doesn’t want those images to be changed by the current reality”.

“A part of me was left behind in Pakistan in 1947. My trauma is associated with that place. I am searching for that lost half. Watan mera yeh, desh mera woh,’’ the great man had said.

The above poem I feel is a clearest and truest reflection of his feelings and emotions for Dina what we call as “Sarhadd Paar”. It is also a heartfelt tribute to all the people who have experienced the horrors of partition. The poem was first released in the album – Marasim. Just like the one on Mirza Ghalib, this one is also recited by Gulzarsaab himself. And the effect is phenomenal – to say the least. In fact, there are couple of other poems in Marasim which are relevant to the theme of partition. Like “Haath chhute bhi to rishte nahi chhoda karte” and “Ek purana mausam lauta, yaad bhari tanhayi bhi”

This poem, speaks about the lost connections and missing relations. It expresses a yearning to reconnect. But more than that it’s a stirring reminder of how all this is just wishful thinking, a distant reality, a hope, a dream which will be killed in the morning.

सरहद पर कल रात सुना है चली थी गोली |

सरहद पर कल रात सुना है कुछ ख्वाबों का खून हुआ हैं ||

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