Gulzar Soulful Songs 2 | Mera yaar milaa de | Saathiya

One confession: I am hugely biased about this song.

I had bought the cassette of Saathiya in 2002, even before the movie released. It was my year of HSC and I used to listen to the songs day in and out while studying. Apart from the fact that I had immensely loved the songs, Saathiya also has given me unforgettable and fond memories to cherish all my life. So be it the “chupke se” song which still gives me warmth in the cold winter nights, or the “saathiya hu” which is all about spring, sunlight, greenery and happiness – the entire “saathiya” package is endearing. Yes, I know – “Alayipayuthey” – the original Tamil version was way better a film in terms of everything. But I still go with Saathiya only because of all the soulful songs by Gulzar Saab and brilliant music by A R Rehman.

Gulzar always says that if a lyricist is clever enough, he can push his own thoughts and intentions in the song even if he is adhering to the situation in the film. Good poets always have layers to their poems with deeper meanings. A good reader is the one who can scratch those upper layers and read between the lines. The good poem is the one which can broaden the horizons of the reader’s understandings.

Mera yaar mila de from Saathiya especially is one song with all three facets intertwined beautifully together. Its Sufi. It has layers. On the surface, it’s a song of a lover who is frantically in search of his beloved. But once you dig inside, it is in fact a quest for God.

बंजर है सब बंजर है |

हम ढूँढने जब फिरदोस चले ||

तेरी खोज तलाश में देख पिया |

हम कितने काले कोस चले ||

It’s a desert everywhere when I start to look out for heaven (firdaus). And I have walked many black miles in search of you. Truly, one has to walk a lot of black miles and pass deserts to finally meet with one’s god. Isnt it?

मैंने फोटा फोटा फलक छाना |

मैंने टोटे टोटे तारे चुने ||

सिर्फ एक तेरी आहट के लिए |

कंकर पत्थर बुत सारे सुने ||

I have shattered the stars to pieces and searched through every inch of sky. And to listen to your one sound, I have searched through stones, pebbles and everything inanimate.

तेरा साया कभी तो बोलेगा में सुनता रहा परछाईया ||

I have listened to the shadows in the hope of listening to you.

And in the end

आ देख मेरी पेशानी को, तक़दीर के हर्फे लिखे हैं

पैरों के निशाँ जब देखे जहाँ, सौ बार झुकाया सर को वहाँ

Come look at the pages of my destiny, only your name is written. And whenever I have found even the signs of your feet, I have bowed down hundred times.

This song very intensely expresses the grief of a lover. However, it’s a poignant reminder of the fact that the god does not reside in stones or pebbles, but in the heart of the believer, lover. It is about the ultimate surrender which compels one to bow down – whether in front of the God or in the love of one’s beloved. Its melancholy but in a very liberating way.

There are a few songs which achieve a high standard in all aspects of its making – be it the lyrics, the music, the choreography and the acting. This song achieves that feat to a great extent.

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