Gulzar Soulful Songs 3 || Dil dhundta hai fir wahi || Mausam

This has been the most difficult choice – I have to accept.

While Gulzar’s films are limited and I could select the best three. His poems are abundant, yet out of the ones I have read, I could select the best three. However, when it comes to songs – it’s a different ball game altogether.

Because Gulzar saab’s songs are wonderful – no doubt.
But also because, they are not just songs – they are the lyrics, the music, the choreography, the acting woven together to form something which lasts a lifetime.
Especially in our country, Hindi songs are not just art – they are emotions. They manifest so differently for different people.
For the lover – songs are his expression of love.
For a devotee – they are his “Bhakti”.
For an artiste – they are his “Riyaaz”.
For a truck driver – they are his companion through the journey.
For a soldier – they are his inspiration.
For a hard working woman – they are the solace in the times of crisis.
And Gulzar saab’s songs have tapped almost all of these genres.

Many of his songs have created countless beautiful memories for lakhs of the people in this country and he continues to give more and better creations every day. And so it was extremely difficult to select only three where even thirty songs are not enough to pay a tribute to this wise old wordsmith.

However, then again I decided to select an old song which happen to be my favorite – not because of the brilliance of its lyrics but because of the beautiful memories it created.

दिल ढूँढता है फिर वही फ़ुरसत के रात दिन
बैठे रहे तसव्वुर-ए-जानाँ किये हुए
दिल ढूँढता है फिर वही फ़ुरसत के रात दिन

This song is more of a time machine. It takes you back in time when the life was leisurely and mind was simple; when the trees and breeze would talk to you and you enjoyed different seasons.

People who have led or are leading a busy life in the city (like me) can relate to this song from the bottom of their hearts. Especially for me it is more of a painful experience because I have lived the leisurely and peaceful life for long. Every time I go to my hometown, this song is a stark reminder of the contrasts of the two lives I live. There is a yearning to go back, to become simple and to feel the peace again.

जाड़ों की नर्म धूप और आँगन में लेट कर
आँखों पे खींचकर तेरे आँचल के साए को
औंधे पड़े रहे कभी करवट लिये हुए
Its about winter and the warm sunlight. And about the mothers “pallu” which was used to cover the eyes while lying in the courtyard.

या गरमियों की रात जो पुरवाईयाँ चलें
ठंडी सफ़ेद चादरों पे जागें देर तक
तारों को देखते रहें छत पर पड़े हुए
In the summer it was the terrace and the white, cool bed sheets. We slept on them for hours while counting the stars.

बर्फ़ीली सर्दियों में किसी भी पहाड़ पर
वादी में गूँजती हुई खामोशियाँ सुनें
आँखों में भीगे भीगे से लम्हे लिये हुए
In the chilly winters, we roamed through the mountains and the valleys and listened to the silence. We had moisture in our eyes but unforgettable moments in our hearts.

Yes. There are absolutely unforgettable moments and this song happen to be related to many of them. This song has given me memories to cherish a lifetime. It has enriched the memories with charm, nostalgia and some great music.

Thank you Gulzar Saab for your words have enriched my life and have transcended much beyond…..

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