15 of the most irritating and stupid Indian traits which only Indians can understand.

Take food home from a “durga mandap” or “ganpati bhandara” for the “elders” Elders ?? What rubbish excuse. We are the biggest bhukkads. Free me mile to sone pe suhaga. Don’t leave a tip but empty the bowl of “saunf” into your purse. We think its our right. If the waiter looks disgustingly – we flash our best smile and give him a royal ignore.   Use Nails/hooks to hang the shirst/trousers/t-shirts and TOWELS ????? Really. Money cant buy etiquettes.

when Mallika says that she felt “WTF” when Akshay Kumar said that sentence, then why did she laugh in the first place? Everyone can clearly hear her hearty laugh in the video and it doesn’t look like, she was feeling WTF and uncomfortable and abused, etc etc, the way she has put it in her interview with The Quint. Of course, the joke was bad. Of course it was badly timed. Of course Akshay Kumar did a mistake. We have become so accustomed to sexual, offensive and voyeuristic comments that we don’t even realize instantly when such type of jokes are cracked. But here the question is whether this joke was really sexist as the heavyweight (pun not intended) comedian is claiming.

Have you noticed these Badass Bollywood mothers

Just like some characters of heroes, heroines, villains and comedians which have become iconic because of their widespread popularity since many years, there are some women characters – especially those of mothers which have achieved a place of honor in our hearts for the extremely realistic, intense and sensitive portrayal of their roles. These women – who are actually strong and multitalented in their real lives as well - have enacted the characters with great aplomb and grit. Some of them have been very unconventional and might not be the ideal mothers everyone can worship.  But they have tried to give something new and different which in its own way created their identity. Below is the list of 10 such badass Bollywood mothers. Read and enjoy.

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