Now that the monsoons are in full swing, I have made some peculiar observations about rains and the effect they have on our blessed Indian lives. Also, these are predominantly related to Pune due to the obvious fact that I am fortunate to be living here. A heartfelt apology IN ADVANCE to those who would... Continue Reading →

15 of the most irritating and stupid Indian traits which only Indians can understand.

Take food home from a “durga mandap” or “ganpati bhandara” for the “elders” Elders ?? What rubbish excuse. We are the biggest bhukkads. Free me mile to sone pe suhaga. Don’t leave a tip but empty the bowl of “saunf” into your purse. We think its our right. If the waiter looks disgustingly – we flash our best smile and give him a royal ignore.   Use Nails/hooks to hang the shirst/trousers/t-shirts and TOWELS ????? Really. Money cant buy etiquettes.

Indian woman and her “Maika”

She goes there to watch her father lovingly tend to his garden and then scold her like childhood when she plucks a red rose. She goes there to listen to her brother teasing her “Moti, kam khaya kar” but at the same time who takes her to her favorite paani puri stall on his Bajaj Splendor. Yes. There are lot of relatives visiting. But the time is spent chatting, gossiping and late night walks, not cooking cooking and more cooking.

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